Friday, September 9, 2016

Getting close to finishing the packing ...

Elizabeth came by on her lunch hour today to count out hats and pack a few boxes. Sweet!

I am going to try to list all the local volunteers who have joined us this summer for opening your packages, sorting, inspecting, repacking into new cartons:

Carol R. (by ferry)
Carol M. (by ferry)
Candace (via the Golden Gate Bridge)
Ann B. (via the Golden Gate Bridge)
Keiko (by car, BART, hell or highwater)
Susan R (teaches English to Afghan-American immigrants and has her students knitting for a4A)
Sue F (city lady)
Emily S (can't wear out this volunteer, we tried)
Kirsten (shared her day off!)
Emily L (city lady)
Ardis (feel better soon!)
Laura (did you have a bon voyage?)
Julie (our southernmost volunteer)
Heidi (CalTrain, choo-choo)
Elisabeth (CalTrain, choo-choo)
Charlene (with the Merrimeko pocket)
Susan M (BART-able)
Jill (BART-able)
Ann Ru (BART-able)
Terrie (city lady)
Carol J (connects us with Grace)

It takes a village, devoted villagers who love knitting and crochet and know the value of a hand-made wool garment. Hope I did not miss anyone! If so, please whisper your name in my ear. Deep, heartfelt thanks to all!