Friday, December 11, 2009

Dye question plus a tip!

I want overdye some baby blue merino I got on sale. It is too pastel for a4A guidelines. I assume I should do it after the sweater is finished. But what kind of dye do you all recommend, and where can I buy it? Rit isn't very colorfast; I want something better. Thanks for some suggestions!

Also: a tip I saw for making button loops: Ponytail holders! They are strong, colorful, stretchy, and you can adjust their size with needle and thread when sewing them to the buttonband. Whaddya think?


cti said...

You are much better off dyeing the yarn in the skein, rather than after you have made the garment. I suggest you try Kool Aid dyeing! surprisingly, it makes bright and color fast dyes for animal fibers. There are several good tutorials on the web. Here are some:

google about, and see what you find!

Ann said...

I concur with dyeing in the skein. If you are looking for deep colors that "aren't red," look at Wilton icing dyes. They work on the same principle as Kool-aid, but offer a wider range of color.

Tory said...

Thanks! Icing dye is a new one for me. I will look into it. All of the tutorials will be handy too.

pldrake said...

I've seen great examples of Kool Aid dyeing -- in particular when I went to visit a local yarn mill (local to the Pittsburgh area). Amazing, and so easy. I may do that with some yarns I have that are wool but may not be the right color for a of A.

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