Friday, December 11, 2009

question about socks??

All the socks I've made so far for the a4A projects have been of knitted worsted weight, thick and warm, but rather "stiff" in texture compared to the ordinary knitted sock made with small needles and sock-weight yarn. Is it practical to make the lighter-weight socks for Afghanistan? Is it better to have thick and warm, especially since shoes get removed indoors? Any opinions or suggestions? I'm eager to get started, especially with two days' travel time to knit in over the holidays!


Kathy F said...

My opinion is the warmer, the better.

Elizabeth D said...

I used to live in Maine, where it gets pretty darn cold (that's how I learned that my car would start at 35 below, but not at 40 below [for non-U.S. readers, -40 Celsius and -40 Fahrenheit are the same]). I lived in my worsted weight socks; they were warm and tough. I always use Bartlett yarn, Peace Fleece, or Briggs & Little, or some other "hearty" worsted like that.

--Elizabeth D

Barbara in California said...

Thank you both for your comments - warm fabric is better than flexible fabric, obviously. And being made on larger needles, the socks will get done faster, too!

Afghan Ann said...

Flexible fabric is important, though, for fit. Can't easily get into a sock that is stiff. Often more of an issue with bulky yarns. Solution is probably more about correct gauge/needle than yarn.

Worsted weight is great. We welcome wool socks made of sock yarns, too.

Thanks, Ann

PS: Reminder -- knit socks only. Crochet just doesn't work for socks for our purposes. We don't need slippers. Socks need to have proper heels. Same details as with our prior campaigns asking for socks. (I will probably update the new campaign webpage next week or so.)

pldrake said...

Isn't time to rethink the prohibition against crocheted socks? I've seen made desirable patterns, including one I saw under a yarn wrapper for a chunky sized yarn. I certainly can crochet other things, but I may just go ahead and make myself a pair of crocheted socks to give this a shot. And -- what are the purposes for which crocheting socks would not work, anyway??

Elizabeth D said...

PL, A4A has been doing this for a long time now. Their experience with crocheted socks just hasn't been the best, so that's why they specify knitted socks only. And I have to say, for myself, that the idea of a chunky crocheted sock in a shoe does not sound comfortable to me! I know there are crocheters who make beautiful, smooth, comfortable crocheted socks; unfortunately, that hasn't been what the vast majority of crocheted socks seen by A4A have been. Crocheters are valued equally with knitters, honest! We just ask that they not do socks. Mittens, vests, and sweaters are great. (Oh -- and there aren't 6-inch square patterns because I'm a knitter; I don't consider myself qualified to write a crochet square pattern for anything more elaborate than half double crochet.)

--Elizabeth D

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