Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looking for Vest Pattern (knit in the round)

Does anyone have a favourite online pattern for a pullover vest, knit in the round, in sizes suitable for the upcoming campaign, using a worsted/heavy worsted yarn? I've been looking online a bit but haven't found anything that really takes my fancy, so I thought I would poll the collected wisdom of the KAL/CAL.


PS Just finished a first pair of mitts for this campaign this morning! (well... except for one thumb. :).


Nancy said...

I've knit this pattern in the round. Note: the "vest" option at the very end.



Elizabeth D said...

Interesting -- there really doesn't seem to be one. I detect a design opportunity! But. . . nothing until after Christmas from this quarter. I'll stick to finishing up leftover projects for the next 10 days.

--Elizabeth D

Afghan Ann said...

Nancy, the Steppe sweater is perfect for Afghanistan, and I am not sure I noticed the vest version at bottom of pattern. That looks like a very good option for those wanting to knit a vest in the round. Thanks a lot for pointing that out!

Laura said...

If you have a copy of Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch, the "Classic Ribbed Pullover" can easily be adapted as a vest and knitted in the round to the armholes. I did so for a previous Youth Campaign.

Bloo said...

Thanks everyone! I think will likely try the Steppe sweater/vest or the Morehouse Merino vest that Ann points out in the subsequent post. I really like the high neck on the Steppe vest so I might try that one first.

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