Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meet Inga, our web guru in Munich!

We have many volunteers and agency partners who make this project happen. We'd like you to meet Inga Hege, who, along with Marcy Lyon and me, works on our website. And, here's the kicker .. Inga lives in Munich, Germany! What a reminder that the Internet is a modern miracle! Working with Inga has been such a pleasure for the past couple of years. She is always a professional in her assistance and when we hit extra challenges, she manages to pursue the technical solutions. Marcy and I have come to depend greatly on Inga -- a totally online collaboration. Very cool. And, we didn't even have to learn Deutsch! We just wanted to publicly thank Inga here, and since her photo is so appropriate to the season, we're posting to the blog. Post your greetings to Inga in the comments section here when you get a chance. Might embarrass her, but she can handle it ...
(Next, I must bug Marcy for an updated photo ... Marcy has been on our web team since the very beginning. We launched our website on December 11, 2001. Eight years ago.)


Shirley said...

Wow! Eight years! Thanks for all you do!

Bloo said...

Thanks Inga! It would be hard to see how a4A could be such an effective grassroots organization without it's informative website!

And I like your snowman's a4A badge! :)

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