Wednesday, October 20, 2010

blanket revision

I decided I wanted my blanket to be all Peace Fleece (I'll use the Bartlett for something else). Peace Fleece red was too red, so I put in a medium blue, changing things completely:

I wish  you could see the gray in real life -- it's full of flecks of gold, magenta, and other things (color is Zarya Fog, if you're interested). The blue at the 5 o'clock position is actually a little greener than it appears in the photo. I'm done messing with colors now; gauge swatch next, to make sure this thing comes out the right size.


Judy said...

I like those colors!

Cathy said...

Isn't it amazing how changing 1 color changes the whole dymanic of the color scheme? Post progress pictures!

Afghan Ann said...

Not that you asked, but ... maybe the red for a border? We need Scarlet Knitter to weigh in here. After seeing so many astoundingly beautiful blankets over the years, we're amazed at what a border can do for a simple blanket. My favorite seems to be a bright thin edge on dark or somber hues. I know you have made some graphic gems in the past ... the 4 purple blocks with staggered borders and the primary color squares popping from the field of purple ... we'll look forward to this latest and progress pics, as Cathy mentions.

Oh, by the way, are you into this baseball thing?

So glad for the encouraging response to the new campaign for youth -- we're very fortunate to be working with "Help the Afghan Children."

Kathy said...

Elizabeth, I love Peace Fleece, too, and it seems especially appropriate for Afghans for Afghans, spreading a message of peace back and forth across the globe.

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