Sunday, October 24, 2010

mitten knitting

The wish list for the current campaign includes mittens. Mittens are fun, fast, and easy, and make a world of difference in a long, cold winter. We know people often are apprehensive about making them, because of that thumb thing. Over at our blog, Two Left Feet, my friend Pat and I have posted an extremely detailed tutorial, with pictures, on how to make a mitten. There's an introduction, followed by 4 parts. We broke it down by parts (1) so it would be easy to look up the part you need and (2) because otherwise it would have been horrifyingly long. When we say detailed, we mean it.

Potential mitten knitters, go take a look: the introduction is here, and parts 1 through 4 follow that. (Of course, when you're reading a blog, the most recent post comes first, so you'll have to go to the intro and then scroll up.)

Please note: if you're already knitting socks, blankets, or sweaters -- don't stop!! This is just a little added attraction for those who have been waiting for it.


Kathy said...

Another great tutorial! I'd add another reason for knitting mittens -- they are great, small projects for practicing some core knitting skills.

But if you shy away from in-the-round knitting, I suggest "Gifted," a free pattern by Kate Gilbert. The thumb design is particularly clever. (I've adapted for myself it to knit in the round).

Carol E. said...

THANK YOU!! I have been wanting to learn to do mittens, and will definitely give this a try.

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