Thursday, October 21, 2010

Copying Elizabeth

Well, only sort of.

One of my favorite blankies to knit is very loosely based on Cottage Creations' Rambling Rows Afghan. I say "loosely based" because, even though I've made several of these actually following the pattern, I've also made several that could best be described as Mitered Square Scrapghans.

I've done everything from one giagantic mitered square using odds and ends of acrylic, to the "scumbled" multi color multi-size square onethat I made for my older grandson.

When the latest Youth Challenge came up, I was ready with a nice selection of odds and ends of wool. (This washtub is my gauge--when it's full, there's enough for a laprobe or bigger afghan.)

There's Brown Sheep and Patons and some vintage Sugar 'n Cream (yes, Lily used to make a 100% wool yarn!) and I found that I had enough of the "evergreen" to use as a main color with all the others being accents.

I used size 8 needles for this worsted weight yarn and cast on in multiples of 20 stitches on a side, so that the smaller squares start with 40 stitches and the large ones with 80.

Here's where I am so far--about 30" square when I finish knitting the current large square. I think I will add squares on 2 more sides and then do a garter stitch band around the whole thing to get it to 45" square.


Elizabeth D said...

I love this!! My favorite of the afghans I've made for A4A -- so far -- consisted of 4 enormous mitered squares. Unfortunately, that was before I had a digital camera. Mitered ;squares are so much fun!

Afghan Ann said...

I want to make one of these, too. So easily influenced. I love scrappy, and I haven't yet mastered mitres. I did get the Vivian Hoxbro book this year, and I am not wearing anything with mitre squares. Are these squares assembled later or as you go along?

Kathy said...

Great tips! I've got some odd sized handspun that isn't quite right for squares to contribute to a group blanket, but I may have enough to do up one using your scheme.

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