Wednesday, October 6, 2010


One quick word on mittens -- they should be sizes to fit kids anywhere from age 7 to about 16. In other words, knit some adult sizes, too, and forego the infants and toddlers. At least this time.

I've been knitting mittens for the last month, kind of thinking of sending them to a group in Maine but hoping that there'd be a way to get them to Afghanistan, so I was holding off. And it worked! I will still knit mittens for Maine, enough to match the number of pairs I send to Afghanistan. But -- to get them to Maine, I just head over to the post office, hand the nice ladies a small sum of money, and they're there in 2 or 3 days. Getting them to Afghanistan is a whole lot trickier, and I can't do it any day I feel like it -- so this is a great opportunity.

Pictures before I send them. I've heard the sun should be out by Friday. . .


Emma Burns said...

Hi Elizabeth D., Can you tell me where in Maine you're sending the mittens, what group is taking them? I live in Maine and I'm looking (fruitlessly!) for a knitting group to join. Thank you! Maggie

Elizabeth D said...

I answered off list, to keep conversation here specifically about A4A - it's so easy to get off track once you start.

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