Friday, February 11, 2011


Last fall I published a photo of the yarns I'd chosen for a Peace Fleece blanket for the current A4A campaign. I finished it this morning at 1:30; it was in the mail at 8 a.m. Eastern time, and I have high hopes it will squeak in under the wire on Monday.

I call this blanket 24 (apologies in advance, metric folks -- this conceit is only supported if I speak in terms of inches). It was made in 4 sections, each measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, and each based on an equation that equals 24. The first section was 4 stripes, each 6 inches wide (4 x 6); the second was 6 4-inch stripes (6 x 4); the third was 8 3-inch stripes (8 x 3); and the last was 12 2-inch stripes (12 x 2). I got into the second skein of each color, so it used a lot of yarn -- but all of it was already here in my house.

The challenge was not the knitting -- garter stitch rectangles are well within my ability -- but the colors. I tend strongly toward jewel tones and brights; these muted, tweedy, fall and winter landscape colors are unusual for me. I had them in my stash because I've sampled all of the Peace Fleece colors at one time or another.

I wish you could see how all of them glow in the sun; there is extraordinary depth to all of them, and the blanket is many times more attractive than these photos show. The bright orange is actually a rich pumpkin color with golden overtones; the gray is full of flecks of rose, gold, and blue; the very dark color is a deep deep green with blue highlights, etc.

I'd have liked to add a border, but it was easy to decide between artistic fulfillment and keeping some kid warm. And, based on the way it felt on my lap while I was sewing it up, this blanket is WARM.

I'm hoping for a cascade of pictures from all of my fellow last-minute mailers. . . can't wait to see all your good things!


Nancy said...

Take 24 bows because the blanket is gorgeous!

Afghan Ann said...

Modern art for Afghanistan! Can't wait to see when we open packages!

Jane said...

What a beautiful blanket! I'm sure you were so happy when it was done!

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