Sunday, February 20, 2011

DC Meet-Up, Feb. 26, 2-4 pm
Textile Museum!

I posted this to our email list and also posting here for others who may catch the message ...

Let's Meet!

Knitting, Tea, and Conversation with afghans for Afghans

February 26, 2 to 4 pm

Textile Museum, Washington, DC

The exhibits on ikat and recycling will interest you, so leave extra time before or after our group -- exhibit info here.

Location and transit information here.

I will bring my laptop to show slides from many of the distributions of our wool gifts to the people of Afghanistan. This is a casual program.

Please share this message with your fiber friends in the DC area. The more, the merrier.

Thanks to the Textile Museum, and especially to Tom, for welcoming us at their beautiful museum.

Hope you can join us! Real people and faces -- I am so excited!

See you soon,


Elizabeth D said...

I'm so excited that I'm going to be able to go to this -- can't wait to see Ann again, and to meet new people as well. With the added benefit of seeing the Textile Museum. . . I'm taking the train down from Philadelphia, so hope for minimal track work and maximum on-time performance.

Afghan Ann said...

See you soon, Elizabeth, Linda, and friends in the DC area. Got here late last night after flight and luggage problems. Missed tour of State Dept Diplomatic Rooms this am. Logging off to make the most of my day sightseeing. Looking forward to our meet-up tomorrow!

PS: If anyone can post notices to DC-area knit/crochet groups to get the word out about Saturday, please do. Getting the word out is a help. Thanks.

Ann said...

Pictures! The rest of us want pictures!!

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