Wednesday, February 16, 2011

first message

Hi! I'm glad to be a blog member. Two pictures of knitted items I have sent. There are others and more to come. Linda S.


Nancy said...

Nice job! The sweater is very attractive.

Afghan Ann said...

Welome to the a4A blog, Linda! Thanks for the wool gifts -- wonderful colors! Glad you're here. Please introduce yourself -- tell us where you are from or how long you have been knitting or what inspired you to knit for Afghanistan or whatever you'd like us to know about you. It's nice to know something about the volunteers behind the wool. We packed today -- everyone can be pleased with the turnout from this campaign. We packers are pooped, but happy. We still have more packing to do before we can ship out. A good chunk of the packages arrive on the due date.

Linda S. said...

Thanks for the comments. I have been knitting for at least 40 years. Wow, can't believe it! Since 1995, I have lived in Doylestown, PA, in Bucks County. Prior to that, my husband and I lived in Tampa for 9 years, also Morristown, NJ, Cleveland and Columbus. While looking at the site in February, 2010, I noticed the a4As project and quickly knitted 5 sweaters for the Spring deadline. Started up again in Fall, 2010, and finished 5 more sweaters. I retired in 2008 from teaching German, Latin, English and ESL, so I have more time now. I hope to make it to Washington, DC on Feb. 26 to meet and knit with Ann and others. Thanks very much.

MargoLynn said...

I love the red/block sweater, might borrow the halvsies idea for something in the next campaign.

Afghan Ann said...

I will have to tell our friends that they brought us to you, and we are so glad! I think your discovery would be Fall 2009? We don't keep a database on volunteers (except that I try to look at all the return addresses on the packages as they come in), but we do seem to have a lot of participants in your region. This may have something to do with the presence of AFSC in Philadelphia.

We are now confirmed for gathering at the Textile Museum in DC on Feb 26 from 2-4 pm. I will post a note with to our email list soon -- the museum wanted to get back to me with their text and a link. That's a long-ish trek for you, but, if you can do it -- will be wonderful to have your company. We'll hang out and knit, and I will bring my laptop with slides from Afghanistan. Casual (which I keep emphasizing ... I don't want to mislead anyone that this is a formal program ... that would make me nervous!)

Margo Lynn, if I remember correctly ... you once donated a color block sweater in cream and brown, natural sheep colors, I think.

Linda S. said...

Margo Lynn, I was knitting various colors to use up my 'stash.' It worked out well.
Ann, I read about a4As in a Feb. 2010 Yarnmarket newsletter, which indicated that you had sent them an email in Fall, 2009. So that makes sense. I just purchased my train ticket for next Sat. and am very excited. Glad to know the times and location, so I can plan my adventure. It will be a delight to meet you and others.

Afghan Ann said...

Oh, it's 2011 now! :-)

I am so amazed that you are coming all the way to DC to meet-up. I am going to take a Capitol tour in the late am and then head over to the Textile Museum. The museum is open until 5 pm, so will see the ikat show either before or after, depending on how the time goes. I need to head to my conference at 7 pm, but maybe you will be able to connect with others for dinner before heading back.

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