Monday, February 14, 2011

New Campaign

I was so pleased to learn that A4A will continue the youth campaign, for another year.
I'll start a sweater, too, in maroon. I like the all-one-piece-from-the-top-down type.
I'll put in a couple of cable stitches.


Elizabeth D said...

Um -- I think the extension is only through end of April/beginning of May. At least so far!

Afghan Ann said...

Mary, please be very careful with these one-piece patterns. They tend to produce sleeves and torsos that are too short. Whether top down or side-to-side.

Always remember to take measurements before mailing in your wool gifts. Or, try on a kid nearby.

Yes, Elizabeth, that is what I stated in my email yesterday to the list. The due date will be late April or early May for the "part 2" youth campaign.

Thanks, Ann

Judy said...

My 9 year old GD tends to be tall and slender like her mom (unfortunately her grandmother isn't built that way) and I find that by adding about 1.5 inches to the pattern I use on sleeves and torso, I can fit her quite well in a size 10. I assume this technique will work for Afghan kids as I assume from your comments that they also tend to be long and slender.

Afghan Ann said...

With special concern for fit on these one-piece patterns. Sometimes the gusset area/under-arms get strange, too, on these with inadequate space to get the arms in and to move arms. Picture a "T" shape.

It's interesting ... some patterns are designed to be extra simple in construction, but then they still need understanding of fit to work right for the recipient.

This issue should probably be a separate blog post so more people will see.

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