Thursday, February 24, 2011

My first posting

Hello fellow knitters!  I just wanted to make my first post on this blog.  First off, you all ROCK!  What a great group of crafters we have here all working together for a great cause.

Anyhoo, I've knitted for A4A in the past, but only recently happened upon this blog through the ravelry group.  Here is a sweater I made for the earlier youth campaign, although I'm not sure it made it to its destination in time for the deadline.  If not, it goes for the second campaign.

I'm wearing the sweater (faceless, I know)...I'm about 5'6 so it should fit some one in the youth range.  I wish I made the neck hole a bit smaller, but I was running out of time.

I'm currently working on another sweater and hope to complete that by the next deadline.  I'm trying to find time to knit between working and having a one year old.  :) 

Keep it up everyone!


Linda S. said...

Welcome, Sabrina! I love the color of the sweater.

Carol E. said...

Wow, good for you, finishing a sweater with your busy life. I have yet to make a whole sweater. (kind of a novice knitter)

Ann said...

Lovely color!

Kathy said...

Welcome Sabrina! What lovely work, and such a gorgeous color. Enjoy those quiet knitting moments, as well as the busy times with your toddler (it's a cliche but it does go by fast)

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