Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anne Barach's a4A De-Stash Sweater Pattern to Share

Meet Anne Barch and her De-Stash Sweater for afghans for Afghans ...her free knitting pattern is kindly posted here on her blog.

Anne asked me to post with her photo and link, and she'll pop in when she gets a chance. Thank you, Anne! We especially value an attractive, well-fitting pattern that uses up the oddballs. Great fun with color! Your sweater is going to look wonderful on an Afghan girl or boy.

And, if you don't have oddballs (reveal your madness!), I think it would be fun to collect remnants from a dozen or so knitting friends just to involve more people ... who will also be happy to see their basket of odds and ends being used for a good cause.


EmptyKnits said...

Thank you for including my sweater! It was a lot of fun to delve into my stash and use up all those pretty colors; it's a project I'm sure I'll do again. I hope you all enjoy the pattern!

Ann said...

Anne, I love the colors! Great use of odds and ends (I have a bag of them that I am working into a big kid/small adult sweater right now (see next blog post).

Afghan Ann said...

The afghans for Afghans project has long been an Ann/e magnet!

We packed today at the AFSC Basement. We got Anne's package with the De-Stash Sweater -- we enjoyed seeing and touching the actual garment. Terrific the way the colors blend together. I love scrappy projects, probably because I used to quilt way back.

Overall, our incoming wool gifts for this current campaign are low. We're hoping that the extension through February gives more people a chance to participate once the holidays are over. Fortunately, we're able to extend the campaign some and not miss the boat overseas.

Linda S. said...

I mailed a bulky small adult/teenager pullover today, which is supposed to arrive in SF on Dec. 30. I have started a De Stash sweater. The great part about it is that by knitting the body in a circle it is easier to use up small amounts without worrying about back, then front and how everything will match up. So far it looks great and is mindless stitching, which doesn't bother me at all. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

Judy said...

I am making a smaller version of the destash sweater using a pattern that is similar in construction that is sized for a 10 year old. I have quite a bit of green worsted wool in different shades and will focus on greens, browns, gold, and yellow for the most part. All the balls are in a big bag to be grabbed as needed. Wish me luck! At least I know that the pattern works as I have made two sweaters from it for my 10 year old granddaughter and she wears them a lot.

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