Friday, December 30, 2011

possibility for donated yarn

On Dec. 28 the Knitting Daily editor Kathleen Cubley mentioned some yarn that might be available for charity use and asked for suggestions. I just went to their Facebook site and suggested a4As as a possible recipient. Maybe others could add to that, "like it," or whatever, so that Knitting Daily might be willing. The editor is located in Washington state.


Elizabeth D said...

It's a great idea, but it would have to go to an individual, not to A4A itself. There is no storage space - A4A borrows the basement at the AFSC, and although many people think of "the staff" of A4A, in truth it is Ann Rubin and a hardy group of volunteers. In other words -- if one of you is part of a group that's dedicated to knitting for A4A (and, Linda, if that yarn is wool?), you should get in touch. But the entity A4A can't get in the yarn business. Good luck to you if someone does write, and let us know if you "win."

Afghan Ann said...

Thanks, Linda, for thinking of a4A! I am sure many volunteers could use a donation of wool to knit or crochet for Afghanistan. If you or anyone has donated wool to share, the best thing to do is to find someone in your own community who would like to use the material. We're very grassroots and depend on volunteers to connect with volunteers. You could post donated wool offers here on the a4A blog or on the a4A Ravelry group (bigger group), too, and work out the postage if the recipient is not in your area.

Some points of caution, based on experience: 1) fiber content needs to meet our guidelines; 2) be careful that donated yarn is clean and moth-free; 3) try to ensure that the recipient can commit to using the donated wool for current campaign (ask them to let you know when they have completed their blanket or garment; some yarn donors even ask to see a photo) -- wouldn't want to see more yarn sitting in the stash for an extended period of time, especially when the yarn donor is probably giving away their precious yarn because they don't have time to use it themselves and want to see the yarn be used for a worthy purpose.

If anyone reading this note is in San Francisco and needs wool for the current campaign, drop me a line at afghans4Afghans at aol dot com. I will put you in touch with our local volunteer Annette who recently received a generous yarn donation and is happy to share with nearby volunteers who can pick up from her. Annette goes through a lot of yarn because she crochets blankets for a4A, but can spare some for those working on items for the current campaign.

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