Monday, December 5, 2011

While driving downtown today with the radio blasting ...

"In the Basement" played! I haven't heard this song in some time ... I love it ... don't you?

This is the theme song for our local volunteer packers at the AFSC Basement.

Everyone, put the needles and hooks down for a moment ... outta that chair!

Here we are in the AFSC Basement when we started this project 10 years ago. That's me in the pink tank top. AFSC's Stephen is in the red track suit spinning at the end. Laura, can you point yourself out for us? We're a bit slower these days, but still going strong!

We're sorting and packing on Wednesday and can't wait to see what has arrived!


Elizabeth D said...

Funny, that's not how I pictured those basement sessions. . .now I REALLY want to come help. (Nice shirt, Ann.)

Afghan Ann said...

Of course, all the sweaters that I knit for me include sufficient length to cover the torso, but I can't perform in wool. Once the packages start flowing in and sorted, re-boxed knits stack up along the walls, we don't have much room to move, so we like to dance as much as possible at the start of a campaign.

Linda S. said...

What a hoot! Ann, I wouldn't have recognized you. Your hair is much longer nowadays. :)

Afghan Ann said...

My hair's been pretty much the same for 30 years. One of these days I am going to walk right in to the Dry Bar -- see if that will change my life. I rarely let my hair down in the Basement, only when I go clubbing.

Don't forget -- we all enjoy when volunteers include themselves in their posted photos of in-process or finished wool gifts for Afghanistan. Please don't be shy!

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