Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi, my name is Sherri and I live in Seattle. I've been knitting for afA for a couple of years, and I am joining the blog now. What beautiful work you all do! I realized that I didn't have anything done yet for this campaign so I whipped up a hat and mittens in super bulky wool. I just got a request from my son for hand-knit knee-hi socks for his wife for Christmas, so I guess I'd better get them done in a hurry! I'm glad the current afA campaign goes beyond Christmas! I have a couple of questions. First of all, do any of you have any good remedies for sore hands when you have been knitting rather a lot at one time? I've tried that therapeutic fingerless glove thing but it made my fingers bloat where they stick out of the holes. I probably got the wrong size, only I don't remember what size I got, so I haven't bought another one. I'm not sure I would like it. However, if there is someone out there who has one and likes it, I may try again. The other question, is there anyone in Seattle who knits for afA? I'd love to get together to knit sometime. Thanks!


Judy said...

I find that trading off among several projects with different sizes of needles helps my hands. I also stop every once in a while and give them a good shake. I haven't tried gloves.

sherri said...

Thanks, Judy.

Afghan Ann said...

Hi Sherri, welcome to the a4A KAL/CAL blog! What cryptic letters, eh? You should experience our secret handshake sometime ... which also helps hands that are sore from lots of knitting.

If you want me to include a notice about your search for a4A people in Seattle who might want to meet up, email me offlist. I could put a short notice in my next email newsletter to our whole big email list -- with your contact email -- and see if you get any responses. Some people use Ravelry to organize these meet-ups, but I know not everyone is into Ravelry, believe it or not.

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