Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's a finished sweater, started winter of 2010 but WAY too heavy and warm in my lap to complete over the summer, so out it came this fall. It's mostly yarn that my daughter bought in Scotland (after making sure that it came from the sheep she could see in front of her) and a bit of alpaca boucle around the neck to make it softer for pulling over your head. Probably will fit an 8-10 year old.

Now about the socks. After I finished the blue ones, my first try at short row heels, I decided that I needed to really practice. I've knitted dozens of heel flap socks, but short rows have me stymied. So, I decided to knit lots of socks up to the heel, and then I'll be able to do short row heels over and over until I get the hang of them. Anyone have a favorite pattern, book or online tutorial to recommend?


Kathy said...

smart learning technique! My favorite heel is the "fleegle heel" knit toe up. It's a form of short row, but with a nice arch. You can find the directions on her website.

sherri said...

That is a gorgeous sweater!

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