Tuesday, January 15, 2013

December socks and January mittens

I'll be bringing this last-minute contribution to the AFSC basement tomorrow: three pair of mittens using our fearless leader Elizabeth's perfect pattern, and one pair of socks. The red/dark green mittens represent the very last grams of a stashlet that just wouldn't die; I bought that yarn years ago, an impulse buy that turned out to be a mistake as I couldn't figure out how to make it look good in a sweater. Apparently it was meant to become mittens all along. The socks are the result of an interesting experiment in double-stranding: I had not quite enough yardage of sock yarn to make a full pair, but when I added a strand of laceweight alpaca, magic happened, and I got a big enough, warm, soft and fuzzy pair of socks. I must remember this trick for the next campaign. a4A Jan. 2013

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Afghan Ann said...


I don't think I understand how adding the laceweight as a carry-along enabled you to extend the yardage to make a pair of socks ... I know you said it was magic ...

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