Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 24 is the deadline

Did you read the previous post, with the nice red mittens? Yes, January 24 is the deadline for this campaign. And socks and mittens are badly needed. Here's what Ann writes:

At this point, we are most in need of wool socks and mittens for ages  14-21 years (grades 7-12).

We won't be able to send all the hats because we must send a balance of garments for the recipients. The sponsoring organization that pays for the shipping and that handles the distribution specifies what they need for their constituents, and we fill their order in a sense. We have received an abundance of beautiful hats -- thank you! -- and hats that are not shipped this month will be held for the next campaign, possibly for NGO Aschiana. We will always keep you updated via our website and this email list.

The second batch -- with priority for socks and mittens -- will go out at the end of January.

I finished a pair of mittens last night (they are wet right now; I will post a photo when they are more presentable) and have started on another in hopes of finishing in a couple of days.

Thanks, everybody, for doing so much! We have almost 2 weeks left, so. . .knit! crochet! make stuff!

(and sign up for the email list so you can get information the minute Ann posts it. Go to and enter your email address in the space at the top of the second column).

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Gwyneth said...

3 pairs of mittens in the mail; 1 pair waiting to be packed up and one pair in progress. That's probably all I can do before the deadline!


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