Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Purple-licious Plus

I wanted to share with the KAL/CAL blog that several of us knitters in the Ravelry Wool-Aid group are teaming up to make oddball blankets for this campaign. There are six knitters from Hawaii to Vermont teaming up on this one, which will be a purple/red/blue colorway. We've got another one going in Fall Harvest colors! I find I have enthusiasm for a stripe or two on a blanket (that's my work in the photo) and then I'm happy to see what someone else will do.


Cathy said...

What a pretty shade of purple! Purple must be what I'm gravitating to this season....I have a 2-tone purple girl's sweater for this campaign almost off the needles.

I like the stitch pattern you're knitting. Will everyone do this stitch or will each stripe be a different stitch as well as color? Seems like an easy way to get a blanket made w/o doing all that blanket knitting yourself.

My Knitpicks yarn came today for a 6 color square afghan. I'll be ready to start that before you know it!

Kathy said...

Each knitter is free to use whatever pattern they like on their stripe, even vary the width for an "oddball" effect. This purple is from Lion Wool, which I often find onsale at the local fabric store.

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