Friday, March 18, 2011

Textile Museum Gathering, February 26
Washington, DC, near Embassy Row and Dupont Circle

This feels like a family photo album to me!

First off, Elizabeth -- our moderator! of mitten and sock tutorial fame! -- took the train from PA to meet me for a morning tour of the Capitol ... why didn't we try to open this tantalizing door when we had the chance?

Tom Goehner, curator of education, arranged for us to hang-out in the ancestors' drawing room (or is this the salon?). As I mentioned in an email -- small world! Tom was the archivist at the Red Cross Museum when we contacted him in late 2001 for historical information about knitting during wartime for content on our website. This was meant to be. Tom gave us a personal tour of the exquisite ikat coats. He also showed us a 20th-C. patchwork quilt (with 9-patch, flying geese, etc) that came from Afghanistan, and we scratched our heads trying to figure out how that happened. Thanks, Tom and the Textile Museum!

(Turkmen cloat on Ann)

Attention, DC-area friends! If you would like to help Tom lead a regular knitting group at the Textile Museum, please email me, and I will put you in touch. Wouldn't you love to knit here once a month! Who wants to take on this honor?

Like Elizabeth, Nell's (on left) been a supporter since 2002, when we first met at Stitches East in PA. Eileen (in pink) came all the way from NY! Linda (top, in her chic orange knit sweater) traveled from Philadelphia! Just for the day to be with us!

Our friends included Andrea and Julia and her mom Su. Here is where I have to ask for help for names of our 3 friends on the right ... so sorry, my one big mistake was not bringing a guest book (which my mom would have remembered) ...

Say cheese: Barbara, Elizabeth, Nell, Eileen, Linda, Cynthia ...

Andrea and Su modeled Afghan embroidery and tribal jewelry -- lapis and silver -- that Nell brought to show us ...

After last call in the gift shop, we say farewell ... until we meet again ... here's to opening more doors!

(Not sure how I got in so many photos. This was my camera! I am usually better at avoiding the spotlight. Please forgive. Won't happen again.)


Kathy said...

Wow! Did that look like fun. I've visited the Textile museum when in DC - what a treat of textures, colors and techniques it is! I wish I were able to join a knitting circle there.

I was recently at Dupont Circle, not far from the textile museum. There's a sweet LYS nearby. And a bus goes directly there from NYC for only about $30! What a great day trip!

Afghan Ann said...

We had dinner right next to the shop. Called Looped, on CT Avenue. It just closed as we were ordering. I am sorry we did not have time to drop in.

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