Thursday, October 20, 2011

some yarn

When I went on vacation in July, I knew there would be a picnic table on the back porch that would be just right for my swift and ballwinder, so I took a large plastic bin of yarn, mostly Bartlett's Maine wool. All set and ready to go:

This pile of yarn was designated for A4A and other such ventures, and the goal is to have the box empty by the end of the winter. I am making progress, but I don't have to knit it all up myself, so I am going to share with two people. Each set of 3 balls will make 2 adult-sized pairs of socks or 3 pairs of mittens -- or various assortments of mittens and socks. Send your name and mailing address (I am good with the computer, but have not yet figured out how to email yarn) to me at this address: It is Thursday night where I live; on Monday morning, I will pick two people and send the yarn on its way (not limited to people in the U.S.).  It's OK to state a preference for the left or right grouping, but you may not get the one you asked for. All of the yarn is prettier in person, and the stack on the right does, indeed, include 2 balls of the same color, a very interesting heathery purply bluish grayish mix.

I only ask that you post a picture, if possible, of what you've made when you send it in. If you don't have a camera, please email me when your socks or mittens are on the way.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Beth said...

Hi, Elizabeth,
What fun! How did your yarn giveaway go?

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