Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Destash sweater on the way

Just blocking is left on my destash. I used up 6 varieties of stash, which was great. That meant lots of weaving in, slowly but surely. Be careful when starting the round after casting on 172 stitches. It is tricky as I learned the hard way. A friend told me to knit 2 rows back and forth, then it is easier to see and create the round on the circular needles. It worked for me. I'm going to try to start and finish one more simple pattern. Hope I can make it!!


Judy said...

That looks great -- anybody would be proud to wear it.

Afghan Ann said...

I love this De-Stash, too! What a wave of wonderful waglans!

Laura said...

What a bright and happy sweater!I see what you mean with all those ends to weave in, but isn't it a great feeling to turns odds and ends into a truly attractive garment?

When I knit anything in the round, I do just as your friend does -- knit back and forth for 2 rows so I can be sure not to twist the yarn. I'll go crazy otherwise, especially with many stitches crammed on a circular. Sometimes I cast on one extra stitch which I knit together with the first one once I join the stitches in the round.

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