Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Take a guess at how many wool baby socks so far ...

First, please look below at Chris' sock monkeys wearing you-know-what. Then, back up here. Thank you.

On Tuesday, when we opened packages and packed at our AFSC Collection Center, we counted the wool baby socks received so far:
540 pairs.

Now we know there will be at least 540 warmer Afghan babies this winter and hundreds of appreciative mothers. Great job, everyone! We ran out of time before we could count the baby hats, so we'll just have to live with not knowing for now.

Here's what the 540 pairs of baby socks look like:

Now, meet some of the elves who sorted and inspected the wool baby socks and hats, as well as the wonderful wool socks, mittens, and hats for 7 years to adult ... Nancy joined us from Michigan while here for a vacation and wedding. How generous of her to share her free time. She knows her wool, of course.

Even after many years of volunteering to open your packages, Terrie never tires of seeing more knits and thinking about the caring that goes into making every garment. Then, Terrie rushes home to get to her own needles. This happens to all of us in the Basement.

Sue and Carol also sorted and packed with us on Tuesday. Thanks, always and forever, to our devoted local gang.


Christine from Missouri said...

Oh, my! That's a lot of sox! How fun to see them all together. I remember a couple of times seeing my own projects in one of these group shots - pretty thrilling! Imagine, more are on the way, too.

just beth said...

I have three more pair to add, plus 2 baby hats -- and a really cool pair of adult socks. Thanks so much for all the work you (plural, many times over)!!

Beth said...

Many thanks to all knitters and packers. It's so much fun and motivating to see these posts!

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