Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy 2015, everybody! Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, I am at the southernmost reach of a snowstorm that is just getting started and is predicted to be an amazing blizzard from here on up through New England. So I am thinking of mittens and hats and warm wool socks, and that makes me think of afghans for Afghans. I wanted to stop in and say hello.

When the last campaign ended in the fall, I had several things in progress that missed the deadline. Then there was an onslaught of birthdays, not to mention Christmas, and they all got tucked away. Now it's time to pull them out and finish them up. As you know, though, there's no ongoing campaign, and Ann is not currently collecting things to have "just in case." So my plan is to finish these things and put them in a box, hoping they'll match the next campaign. If they do not, I will send them somewhere in the U.S. and cast on new things for A4A.

Currently in the rotation: one pair of socks, with 1.5 socks completed; mittens with a cable down the back -- one almost done; and another pair of plain mittens in green, with one hand almost finished. I will post pictures as they join the "ready and waiting" pile.

What's everybody else working on?

I know sometimes it's frustrating that we have to wait to know about the next campaign, but it's important to make sure shipping is available and reliable, and it's equally important to send what is needed. Ann will let us know as soon as something becomes possible.


Judy said...

Hi Elizabeth. I don't have anything saved up at this time as I am catching up on knitting for family during the pause in A4A campaigns. My daughter requested hats and mittens for their cold weather box. My youngest granddaughter is still living at home and had outgrown the kids mittens etc. Now mittens, socks and hats work for both mother and daughter - so I provided them with a few of each category. That should keep me in practice should a new campaign be announced.

Christine from Missouri said...

Hello, I've been making mitten from odds and ends of wool - one color for the cuffs and another for the hands. Have also been designing some caps, and the prototypes go to a for A. Am currently making socks promised to family members, but will go back to a for A knitting to keep that supply of stashed items nice and healthy.

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