Monday, March 8, 2010

General complaining and whining.

Hmmph! Looks like, according to Canada Post, my parcel didn't arrive at its destination until March 4th.

It was mailed February 18th, and took until February 25th to get across the border. It actually says on the tracking information that it left Canada on the 22nd, but somehow didn't arrive in the States until the 25th! So it took a full week to cross the border from the time I mailed it, even though I could have driven across the border from my place in under an hour!

Oh well, I guess I'll know better for next time. Hopefully, the "basement people" can hang on to it for some future campaign.

On a brighter note, I've very much enjoyed seeing everyone else's projects, and am very pleased that so many people are working together to make a contribution!


Judy said...

It turns out that you are just early for the next campaign.

mittknitter said...

Yup, I guess everything has turned out fine! Now to cast on something new.

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