Monday, March 29, 2010

Two pairs of fleegle socks and another vest

Here's my latest finished objects - a vest and a couple pairs of socks. The vest should fit a 12 year old. The red socks, knit toe-up, are about 8.5 inches and the blue pair, knit cuff-down, are 9 inches. For both pairs of socks, I used my variation of "fleegle" heel, you can see that "V" looks different, but in either direction the fleegle makes a nice angle. And it's very easy to do -- I encourage non sock knitters to give it a try, especially the toe up version.


Bloo said...

That vest looks great!

Maureen said...

wait . . . how'd you do that heel?

Kathy said...

Maureen, the heel is called "fleegle," the name of the designer. You can get the directions on Ravelry.

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