Saturday, March 20, 2010


Is there any way we can put these two patterns into PDF -s on the side bar? Easier to download/copy that way. Sorry I'm no techie, but have seen it on other blogs, so there must be a way....yes?


Afghan Ann said...

I have no plans to do this. I need an easy way to make corrections, change, or delete. (Requiring as little time as possible on my part.) Please just print out if you need to do so. Thanks.

Kathy said...

If it's helpful, I am willing to create these as Google documents (easier to download) linked to this blog, if that's OK with the designers and Elizabeth our moderator.

Afghan Ann said...

Thanks, but no. Per my note about.
-- Ann

Gwyneth said...

Another alternative would be to post the pattern as a comment to a short blog entry. Would that work?

CCK said...

My, it was just a suggestion.

MissCue said...

Hi CCK and all,
Here's how I copy patterns from this and other sites: Open a blank document in Microsoft Word then reduce it down onto the Start bar at the bottom of the screen (I, too, am not a techie so please excuse the amateur use of terms!); highlight the text and picture of the pattern I want and hit 'Copy'; re-open my blank Word document; hit 'Paste' and the pattern will appear without the sidebar stuff; hit "Save' and store it wherever you like on your computer.
Good grief ... this is a wordy post! I hope it helps. Drop me a line if you need any more words to explain my technique!!

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