Saturday, March 6, 2010

Packing Up Our Wool Gifts
for Afghan Youth (7-14 years)

If you were stranded on a desert isle (or in the AFSC Basement), these are the people you would choose for company ...

Happy packers marveling at happy sweaters ... say hello to Elizabeth, Candace, Maggie, and Barbara --

Now meet Carol, Carole, AFSC's Pablo, and Jill --

Renee (mod for Ravelry's a4A friends group) joined us in meat-space with Edie on her visit from Boston and Ann (did you know the Basement is a magnet for Anns and Carols?) --

When not on quality-inspection duty (for sizing, fiber, and construction), Laura gets rewarded with the task of building boxes --

These socks and mittens were superbly knit by 10th-grader Abby from Berkeley, CA, with her wishes for peace --

Did you know that Trader Joe's now sells flash-frozen mittens?

Pam and AFSC Stephen with the Afghan national flag (Marsha MacColl of Afghans 4 Tomorrow brought this flag to us when she returned from her 2007 Kabul trip) --

On March 4, Ann and Stephen take a final glamour shot before our 72 precious cartons start their long journey to the girls and boys in Afghanistan --

We are guessing that perhaps half of this collection arrived in the 10 days prior to the March 1 due date. Dribble, dribble, whoosh! Just catching the breath (and soaking the tootsies), and then we'll send an update to our whole email list. Our heartfelt thanks to all participants for your lovely gifts for the kids in the programs run by Church World Service in Afghanistan. You are very talented and generous.


Judy said...

Hurrah! I must admit to being one of the last minute folks - thanks to priority mail. Great to see the sweater in the basement.

Kathy said...

I love these basements shots, seeing all your faces after knowing many of you online, and peering into the piles to see if I see any of my knitted item! (not this time, but I know they are in the boxes and on their way) As the cold winter finally melts here in Colorado, I'm heartened to know that our 72 boxes are full of things that will warm many many children next year.

MargoLynn said...

Like Kathy, I love looking to see if any of my items were "photo-worthy". Secondarily I love spotting items other people did that I recognize from blog posts, such as Judy's sweater that Carole is holding in the second photo. This is more fun than the Oscars' red carpet!

Afghan Ann said...

Margo Lynn, I have always been a fan of your posts on the various knit lists over the years. Glad you're here. That's just what the Basement needs -- a red carpet!

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