Monday, March 22, 2010

Pattern for Mittens with Super Bulky Yarn

For those with remaining oddballs of super bulky yarn from some of our past distributions of donated alpaca-wool yarn, I refer you to this pattern for mittens made by Nicole May in Somerville, MA. Nicole is not a poster on the a4A KAL blog, but gave me her notes to share with you ...
Super Bulky Mittens Pattern
Nicole says, " I used size 11 needles and cast on 16 stitches as the pattern states but then adjust the hand and thumb lengths to standard sizes for ages 10 or 12. I added 2-3 extra rows of ribbing as well."
Size Chart for Mittens

I am also posting this photo of hats made with the super bulky. Not sure who made these, but they are fine examples --

Working with super bulky can be tricky in terms of fit/ease, casting off, etc. Awkward, too, knitting with the large needles. We're not suggesting anyone go out and buy super bulky. But, for those who already have some on hand, we wanted to point out this pattern that worked successfully for Nicole.

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