Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being a pretty new sock knitter, I am hoping for some tips... My socks keep ending up with "holes" or loose stitches at the edges/sides of the heel. Any advice? I'm using the pattern from the sock classes posted. Thanks so much for that and the very complete instructions!

Brenda, Albuquerque


Judy said...

I often fudge an extra stitch after picking up the number listed on the gusset on the first needle and before picking up on the number listed other side. Then I knit these together with the adjacent stitch on the next round.

Elizabeth D said...

Brenda, do you have holes all the way down the side of the heel flap? Or just at the point where the heel flap joins the rest of the sock?

KnitnginNM said...

Thanks for the help! I have 1 - 3 holes just at that point. Thanks, Brenda

Kathy said...

Brenda, kudos for you for taking the leap into sock knitting! Good advice here, and remember there is no shame in sewing these little holes shut when you are done.

Once you've mastered Elizabeth's terrific cuff down flap style sock, there's other styles to try.

Have fun!

Bloo said...

Knitting through the back of the stitches twists them which helps to close the holes. Sometimes I knit through the back of every picked up stitch on the edge of the heel flap.

I also often end up with holes right at the top of the heel flap where the gussets start. As Judy suggests, I pick up an extra stitch there on both sides and knit them together on my first round.

KnitnginNM said...

I'm to the point of starting the heel on my next sock. I've printed out these helpful words and will report back! Thanks, Brenda

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