Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lucky Seven

I decided to stop and mail the socks I have, so that I don't miss whatever is the last mailing date. You've seen a few of these in earlier posts, but here is the whole set that I am sending.

The red ones in the bottom lefthand corner don't have as long a top as I had hoped, but I used up all the yarn I had. I realized when I was finishing the second one that I had mis-calculated the foot length, if I had gotten it right (read: shorter) then I would have had more for the leg.

The blue-and-pink ones in the bottom righthand corner left enough yarn to possibly make another pair, but I'll leave that to a future campaign.

The top five pairs are all a single yarn except the pink ones with the bit of teal striping at the top. So most of the pairs had only two yarn ends per sock to work in! I tried to do mostly adult sizes, they run from women's 6 to about women's 9, I think. My feet are size 6 so that's an easy size for me to accomplish. All are 100% wool except for the red-striped ones which are sock yarn, therefore there is a bit of nylon in those.

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