Tuesday, August 3, 2010

go blue!

One last pair for the current campaign:

I used, again, two strands of compatible sock yarn held together -- the ends of the balls are next to the socks. (I put the tomato there to trick the camera into getting the colors right.) The dark one was a very old Opal, navy blues and dark greens, dating back to somewhere around 1999. The lighter one was a Meilenweit tweed in blues, greens, and a little bit of yellow. I'm very happy with the the way this pair turned out.

Off to California today! It's been so exciting to read Ann's posts and see how many socks are making their way to her in time. Don't forget to post here!



Judy said...

Nice! I like the way that combination turned out.

Beth said...

Gorgeous combination of yarns!

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