Saturday, August 28, 2010

One last pair

I had been hoping to get two pairs done before the end of the month, but work has been crazy and I've had too much going on to get very far on the second pair. So I will mail this pair and be done for a while. Good timing - I have holiday and birthday gifts to finish!

You may notice that these look very similar to a pair I've sent before with the heels and toes and tops reversed. This pair was made with the other half of the yarn from the previous pair, two colours of Full o' Sheep yarn in Peony and Aquamarine. Bright, but still conservative in style. Just a basic toe-up pair in about ladies' size 6.5, give or take stretchiness. I tend to make socks that fit my feet and these have a bit of space in the toe.

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mittknitter said...

Wow, zingy colours! Nice and bright. Someone's going to love these, Margolynn.

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