Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meanwhile, down in the AFSC basement...

This sock-knitting-virgin has been feeling a bit at a loss these past few weeks. What to do, what to do? But I reminded myself that one thing I could easily do was to come to the basement to help open packages full of *your* fabulous handknit socks. And last Friday, I did just that, along with Ann and volunteers Daisy, Antje and Annette.

A good amount of packages had piled up and was waiting to be opened. Daisy and I did this for a while while Annette made sure that pairs of socks stayed together securely, and Antje (above) sorted the socks into youth and women's sizes. We also took the time to admire various stitch patterns and color combinations.

Our shift was so relaxed that I actually got to stop and smile for Ann's camera. Off-camera, Daisy (pictured below) and Ann got a few boxes packed full of socks, all taped and ready to go. All in all a very satisfying and productive afternoon, which demonstrated to me again and again that I just need to learn to knit socks!

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