Monday, April 5, 2010

Afghanistan exhibit @ LOC

This past Saturday I went to the Library of Congress and saw that they have an exhibit called "Voices from Afghanistan." I was with a friend who had pooped out by that time, but convinced him to find a bench and read for a few minutes while I made a quick tour through. If you are in the area, I recommend it (as well as several other exhibits at the LOC) and you can get some information about it here:

I am going to DFW Fiber Fest this coming weekend and will probably take mittens with me to knit, the rest of the Tahki Bunny trio, as they are small and portable. I've been focusing for the last month on items for the charity collection there, which is for a local children's shelter. Luckily they want different items (hats and scarves) than A4A collects so I don't have to worry about mixing up the donations. I might take an odd skein of yarn to make socks if I finish the mittens before I get home, and I found a bag of yarn that decided it wants to be a top-down crocheted sweater in the style one of the teachers is teaching this year. What a coincidence! I'd bought the yarn to make something for me and it never came together, now it can keep a child warm.

So no FO photos now, possibly some next week.


Afghan Ann said...

The scroll letters sound particularly interesting. Thanks, Margo-Lynn, for the link. I would love to visit DC and LOC one of these days. I haven't been there since 1988, when I moved back to California for school. See any cherry blossoms? I think the Textile Museum has collections from Afghanistan, btw.

Have a great time at the Fiber Fest. I should add that, too, to my travel list for some day. Top-down crocheted sweater? Be sure to take some good notes on that. Annette and others here will likely be interested. Maybe Catherine, too, who was working on her original design for a top-down raglan crocheted pullover.

MargoLynn said...

Ann, I did not take the top-down class, it was Friday which is usually the craziest day. This year, Friday and Saturday were both crazy! But I do have the pattern, and while I didn't have time to start it while there (see above re: crazy!) I hope to get one done to send at the end of this month.

No cherry blossoms when I was in DC, I literally flew in that AM and out that PM and there was not much time for wandering. But I've seen them in the past - like pale pink snow drifting over the city.

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