Monday, April 19, 2010

all new, all the time

Hey, everybody -- Isn't MargoLynn's sweater gorgeous? I love every Noro yarn I've ever seen. . .

On another note, though, I have to stick my big official foot in here and address the issue of "lightly used" or "gently worn." There's been no change in A4A policy -- unless your garment looks absolutely, positively, 100% brand new, it's not acceptable. I know you want to send those things in a spirit of the purest generosity, but they're not appropriate. When you send them, you're paying postage for things that won't be sent to Afghanistan and giving the Basement crew headaches as they try to find another home for that stuff on top of trying to keep up with the deluge of new handknits and crocheted beauties.

So -- rules to live by. New only. If it looks new, it is new. If it's "only a teeny bit worn" it's not new.


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MargoLynn said...

No worries. I deleted the post and even though the sweater is unworn, since it was not made this year and is not considered new, I will not send it to A4a> It will go to Goodwill and I'll send only freshly-finished items to A4A so that I am not accused of being a bad example and having people send worn items for the campaigns. In fact, I will no longer make things between campaigns so that the items are clearly new for that campaign and have not sat around at all, thereby no longer being new enough.

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