Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finishing and Starting

In the photo you see a vest that I didn't finish in time for the last campaign - but I know there will be another for children's vests and sweaters, so it will go into a box for whenever. It's made from oddballs of yarn, and everybody has been complimenting me on how well the colours work together. The orange is not really as bright as it photographed, it does blend rather better.

On top of the vest are the light blue socks I also didn't finish in time for the last campaign. I keep debating whether to dye them a dark colour of leave them as-is - it's rather the colour of an Illinois summer sky. I worked until the yarn ran out - about 220 yards of worsted-weight wool.

And in the top of the photo are another pair of socks that I started this weekend, deep rose coloured wool with a scrap of turquoise making stripes (3T, 2R, until the T runs out, then rib in rose) at the top. Since Ann said the next campaign is likely to be for socks, these may be my default knitting for a while. I always wonder what "full coverage" means - should we be doing knee socks? Or just as high on the leg as possible with the yarn available?


Laura said...

The vest looks warm and cozy -- nice combo of warm colors. As for the socks I believe "full coverage" means socks that go past the heel. In other words, no tennis-style socks. Your standard, just past-the-ankle length is totally fine.

Elizabeth D said...

MargoLynn, my census of items that didn't get finished in time is embarrassingly large. Thanks for setting a good example and working ahead!! After the current pair of socks is done, I'll grab that sweater that just needs a sleeve and a half.

MargoLynn said...

Thanks, Laura. I tend to work until the yarn runs out, just to avoid having lots of oddments around. Glad that someone agrees knee-high is not needed.

Elizabeth, maybe while waiting for the next official announcement people can do a finish-a-long for all the not-quite-there items?

Kathy said...

I love the idea of a finish-along! I've got a red sock and orange sock that need mates. They were my practice socks for the Toe-up-two-a-time tutorial. I hearby set my mind and y needles to cast on their mis-matched twins!

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