Saturday, June 26, 2010

Since Memorial Day

Thought you may want to see some of my Memorial Day Stashbust results. On my 9th pair and I have half a basket of yarn to go. Love me some stash busting charity socks!


Judy said...

Wow -- that should give this campaign a boost! I have just one and a half pair done for this effort. When I finish the second sock for the second pair, I will take a picture. I plan to knit socks over the next few weeks but I doubt I will catch up with you.

Pat said...

These socks are wonderful, you've done a lovely job.

Do let me know if you need more yarn to make socks with...I could have a package in the mail to you in no time!

Knitsblue said...

Pat, that would be lovely. How shall I get my address to you without blabbing it across the net? Are you on Facebook?

Nancy said...

Are you making the maroon/tweedy one on the left longer or is it folded over? I like those colors. My problem is that I have to have completely smooth socks myself, so I don't think I will be making anything on the foot that might rub--but they are fun to look at. And by the way, how can a knitter not like math? :)

Knitsblue said...

Hey Nancy, the maroon & periwinkle was made of wool and two kinds of mohair I only had a few yards of, so that's as long as they're getting. I usually make socks long enough to fold the tops down and double-cover the ankles.

I flunked math a few times in my day - numbers and I don't get along very well. If a math method is easy enough for me it's *seriously* easy. :P

MargoLynn said...

That's an impressive stash - you're a sock knitting machine! I love how you are combining yarns.

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