Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packing This Week for "Help the Afghan Children" Schools at AFSC Basement

Volunteer packers Amy, Daisy, and Karen are holding their own creations in this photo --

We had 2 packing sessions this week for the youth campaign. Thanks to all who have sent in packages and those working on completing their gifts by February 14. Based on the experience of past campaigns, we're counting on the inflow increasing as we head to the due date. We may still be a little low on sweaters considering the stage of the campaign -- we have about 200 sweaters packed up right now.

Works of modern art! That's Teresa and Ann (not Afghan Ann) doing the honors.

Here are some of the gorgeous sweaters in the hands of Teresa, Ann (me with exquisite cables), Jill, and Jo. The lavender sweater looks a little short in the torso, but hard to be sure in the photo. I'll make a point of re-measuring on our next packing day. Can you imagine the kids wearing these first-class sweaters?

If you're new to this blog or haven't posted lately, please jump in with your introduction or 2011 greetings. Tell us where you're from, or something about your interests and what's new with you, or why you are knitting and crocheting for the people of Afghanistan, or as you wish -- something to humanize this computer screen in front of our faces. We love to see faces, too! From time to time I send the blog link to our relief agency partners in Afghanistan to get them excited about the winter wear that will be heading their way and so they can see the people behind the cartons of wool -- to bring us a little closer to those on the other side of the world.


Kathy said...

I always LOVE seeing the photos from the basement. This is some inspirational knitting.

Ann, I notice that you'll be measuring the torso of a sweater. I'm adding a band to the one I'm knitting to be sure it is long enough. Is there a chart to use? I have the idea that I should go a couple of inches longer than the Ann Budd sweater specifications.

Afghan Ann said...

A lot of charts out there, and they vary in the way they measure torso length. Armhole depth is important, too. Of course, if you have a kid handy, nothing beats the real thing for testing fit. To help our packing volunteers and improve the quality control process in the Basement, we have some general measurement guidelines based on reviewing several different published charts, some dependable patterns, and some real children. For the kids ranging from 7 -16 years, we are looking at torso length -- as measured from base of neck to bottom of garment -- as 14" on the small end, 17" in middle area, and 21" inches at larger sizes.

Can't hurt to add an inch or two in the length. This can only create a warmer (and more modest) garment for the recipient. Very rarely, do we get a sweater that is too long in the torso or the sleeves, so I am not worried about this.

And, while I am commenting on fit, just a reminder to anyone reading this ... please make sure the neck opening will fit over the child's head. This is usually a matter of binding off not too tightly.

We'll be packing on Wednesday this week. Can't wait to see what awaits us! We're trying to stay on top of the opening, sorting, and repacking to better use the space in our small storage and work area -- especially if the inflow of packages picks up as we head to the Feb. 14 due date. That's usually what happens. Hopefully.

Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm.

Thanks, Ann

PS: Bay Area friends, please email me to help with packing. Or, send an angel with superior upper body strength and ability to wield a tape gun. We can use the extra hands, and we never turn away extra oomph!

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