Thursday, January 13, 2011

red wool, warm hands

On January 1st, I cast on for a pair of mittens with the red wool left over from the yoke sweater I had knitted for the ongoing youth drive. Since the yarn was only dk weight, I coupled it with some ancient mohair from my stash in a very close shade of red.

Elizabeth D, your pattern could just as well be tattooed on my brain by now! I enjoyed my experiment in stranding two different yarns so much that I immediately cast on for more mittens in that same red wool, this time stranded with an orange fingering-weight wool for a tweedy effect.


In both cases the addition of the new yarn made the wool feel softer as well as warmer. I have to keep this stranding trick in mind as it is perfect for those orphan skeins of lightweight yarn. One skein of fingering weight wool (this was Brown Sheep Naturespun) was more than enough for two pairs.


MargoLynn said...

Very nice and bright! I often strand yarns together to get something thicker, it's a great trick. I love the idea of using mohair with wool and may have to see if I have any in my stash the next time I need to strand.

Carol E. said...

They're beautiful!

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