Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gorgeous Faces/Gorgeous Sweaters

Daisy, Judith, Susan, Candace, and I had a good time together opening packages and packing up on Thursday. We've known each other for years now. A fairly mellow afternoon for us (until I made the crazy, nervous dash for my car before the 4 pm tow-truck attack on Mission Street). Not that many packages have arrived yet, but the email notices have been increasing. So, we're expecting more knit gifts as we approach the May 13 due date for NGO Help the Afghan Children. As you can see, these pullovers are spectacular! Thank you so much! The Afghan children are going to be thoroughly delighted and much warmer wearing these garments when winter arrives.


Sally said...

I'm ready to send a pair of mittens and a pair of socks...not much, but best I could do this month. I am trying to finish a hat this week, but don't want to make you wait on the other if I finish the hat this week I will send it on. Photos up tomorrow!

BTW, I am so intimidated at the beautiful work you display knitting is so utilitarian in contrast. Beautiful work...

Afghan Ann said...

Sally, the idea of posting photos is to INSPIRE. We'll look forward to getting your package. Thank you!

We packed again today -- with Carol, Karen, and Jo. Somehow forgot to take a photo, though.

Thanks to everyone sending in wool gifts for this campaign. We are not overloaded with hats at this point -- so I think it's safe to say that if anyone wants to whip up a hat (sized for 7-16 years) now, please do, and we'll be happy to include. Try to make the hat as warm as possible with good ear coverage.

Cindy said...

Will send two pullovers and a Steppe vest in time for the deadline. The pullovers are from a fantastic knitter from my guild and the Steppe vest is a favorite of mine. Maybe I'll have time to whip up a hat.
Cindy from McKeesport PA

Afghan Ann said...

The Steppe vest and sweater version are excellent pattern choices, esp in the larger size. Bulky sweaters need more ease for the wearer. The Steppe was designed for the Dulaan project. The collar and open (but not deep) neckline are very practical.

Thanks, Cindy, and thanks to your friend at your knitting guild. Involving others is a big help!

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