Thursday, April 28, 2011

One sweater on its way

I took a week off in February - pretty random timing in my schedule - and my main objective was to knit a sweater for A4a. I have missed a couple campaigns by not planning ahead. My supply of this yarn is finally depleted (Patons Classic Wool Merino, Bonne Terre). I tried to cut the psychedelic effect when I found this very nicely matched blue (Lamb's Pride) in my stash. I like the trim on the wrists and neck. I hope its (edit:) Afghan recipient wears it in good health!


Afghan Ann said...

Beautiful! Thanks, Diane. We'll look forward to your package.

We packed today -- so far, not too much has arrived, but the email notices seem to be increasing, so should start picking up. Most folks send in their gifts close to the due date. Do enclose a SASE if you wish to have confirmation.

I don't mean to single you out on this, but I want to let readers know that the people of Afghanistan are Afghans. I just don't want to let this go. Afghani generally refers to the old currency. Former Amb Jawad and I once had a brief discussion on this. Yes, someone from Pakistan is a Pakistani, so can see why this error is common. This is why we are not called afghans for Afghanis.

Diane H said...

It's all good - thanks for the correction!

Afghan Ann said...


-- Ann

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