Monday, November 7, 2011

Here is what I am working on now

This will be a top down pullover, size 12, when complete.  I am using Diane Soucy's Knitting Pure and Simple pattern but plan to use ribbed rather than rolled collar and cuffs etc.



Afghan Ann said...

A classic pattern is an excellent choice for the kids in Afghanistan. So are the cheery colors. Thanks, Judy!

MinnesotaMom said...

question for any knitter out there - usually I make the Knitting Pure & Simple V-neck or crew neck but am wondering about the sizes available in these patterns - currently am making the largest children's size and the smallest women's size to see if they are close. seems like making the sweaters for the largest end of the age group (14) would be best? thanks for any comments!

Elizabeth D said...

I usually aim for the top of the size range, too -- it's never a bad idea to have room to grow. The one I'm making now (the bulky pullover, also from Knitting Pure and Simple) is the largest child's size, with a finished chest measurement of 34 inches. The smallest size in the comparable women's pullover is a finished chest measurement of 38 inches. I think both of those would be very useful -- not sure you'd want to go much bigger, though, even though some of the kids are 16.

Elizabeth D said...

You know, I got to thinking about this size issue and went back through my hundreds (literally) of emails about A4A to check on what's been recommended in the past. It seems that the most commonly suggested size for the large end of the 7-16 age range is 36 inches.

If you're already halfway through a 38-inch chest sweater, do NOT rip out or think it's not acceptable. There's sure to be a boy who is larger than the rest. But for future planning, or if you're just starting -- 34 and 36 inches are the best target if you're aiming to make something that will fit one of the older kids.

Afghan Ann said...

In some cases, 38" chest measurement of finished garment might be right it the yarn is especially bulky, for example, so requires more ease. Style can also be a factor. Whatever the conversation, we should probably know whether we are talking about the body measurement or the garment measurement. And, be careful when reading the various published charts to see how and what they are measuring.

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