Monday, November 7, 2011

progress report

Currently drying is a sweater I started for A4A at least two years ago (I don't think it was three). Pictures tomorrow or the next day, depending on how fast it dries.

What does everyone else have underway?

Also, someone asked in the comments how my yarn giveaway went a few weeks ago. Well -- it didn't. No takers!! I'm glad that everyone is so well supplied with wool this year.


Gwyneth said...

I'm working on a blanket made up of different strips. After each strip, I make a pair of mittens, just in case the blanket takes too long.

Then there's a sweater started several drives back. I didn't finish it on time, then when I got back to it, I started working with a different size hook. I backed up and restarted but was feeling too bummed out to finish. I need to get back to that.


Linda S. said...

Elizabeth, I sent an email about the yarn, hoping you would choose me to receive the skeins. It was before the deadline. I will resend and then look for a package in the mail. ;)

Elizabeth D said...

Linda, there is nothing in my email. Perhaps you typed the address wrong? (Maybe others did, too? There is a "y" in the middle --

Afghan Ann said...

Hi E, I am not sure that lack of response to your terrific yarn offer was because everyone has enough wool for a4A. The blog has been very inactive during our summer break, and most registered members are probably not checking in to see postings. Sometime this week, I will send an email to our whole a4A email list to remind people to check out the blog. Thanks, Ann

holly said...

Hi all. Now that the Bay Area weather has turned to fall/winter I am returning to a very heavy wool sweater that just needs one more sleeve and seaming. Also have a pair of socks in progress for a4A.

Linda S. said...

To Afghan Ann, I think your email last week to all members/friends has inspired people to get started again. Just started this season's third sweater using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool (8 oz.-465 yd.) and a basic pattern from 1941 from the Red Cross asking people to knit for refuges in Europe. Can't even remember where I found this pattern, but it is interesting.

Afghan Ann said...

We have a Red Cross history page on our website with a link to some of the old patterns for background information --

(I do need to update some of the links on this page.)

We received permission to post this information when we launched in 2001. I had contacted the Red Cross Museum, and their curator at the time -- Tom Goehner - was thrilled to know that people were interested in his material. He went into their archives for us.

Earlier this year, when I was in DC and arranged an a4A get-together at the Textile Museum, turns out that Tom Goehner had moved on to be the Textile Museum's education curator. We had a good time with Tom. Elizabeth was with us, too!

We're all certainly part of this long tradition of knitting for others during wartime.

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