Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Packing Session of 2012

We packed about 10 days ago. We would have packed this past week, but I was on call for jury duty so could not plan anything with volunteers. (I have never been on a jury in my life, but I would make a good juror!)

Emily, Antje, and Amy are showing off the sweaters made by one Bridget in New Mexico. Bridget has knitted exquisite sweaters for us for years. I do not know how she manages to knit so many intricate garments on small needles. Her box contained 17 sweaters. Mind-blowing.

Emily opened a big box of mittens. A lot of hands are going to be warmer next year in Afghanistan.

Louise in Southern California knit this cheery log cabin that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient. Louise also sent us a copy of Suraya's book for us to share -- so we're passing the book around to our local packing volunteers. Antje is first in line. Thank you, Louise, for thinking of our hand-working packing volunteers at the AFSC Basement.

Well, this photo is of Marcy and me. Why the 10 fingers? Because Marcy and I have been at this for 10 years. Marcy is our original, founding volunteer web maven -- from the inception. Marcy works a couple blocks away from the AFSC building. We rarely get a chance to see each other, but we're email buddies. Thank you, Marcy, for sharing your time and commitment to the cause -- for a decade! -- and I am very glad we're still in this together. Who knew when we started this ... where does the time go ...

Inga in Germany (near Munich) is also on our web team. I am going to have to ask her for a new photo for us to post -- Inga has been volunteering for several years at this point. We're lucky to have Inga's help. I don't even think about English being a second language for her -- we're not relying on my high school German.

(I am holding a miter blanket made with all different colors of sock yarn. Fantastic!)

Everyone can be pleased that the packages arriving include such high-quality blankets and garments. Very impressive! Thank you so much to all the volunteers of afghans for Afghans. Have a good week, everyone!


Ann said...

I am blown away (as I am sure you folks were). The sweaters, mittens, and afghans are gorgeous!

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! I always love seeing the doings at the A4A basement -- the smiling faces and the truly gorgeous knitting.

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