Friday, January 4, 2013

Connie asked me to post this for her: She writes:
Here are 5 pairs of mittens for AFA.  All are 100% animal fiber... The dark blue ones have 2 strands of my handspun wool, and a strand of the blue Alpaca you sent me.   The square item in the lower right corner is a hat that I will finish up tonight.   Since I am a lot faster knitting mittens than socks; I opted for mittens to fit the time frame; and now will start on some socks with the green Alpaca for the next shipment...I'm slowwww on socks.  I hope [the mittens] will keep some fingers warm this winter.  I have been making more...and am up to 12 items/sets  ( hats and mitten pairs, so far.  I will knit till the 10th and then send by priority mail. 
Thank you, Connie! They are sorely needed, and these are so pretty.

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