Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's in the mail

Four lucky winners should receive small packages on Saturday. Each contains enough yarn for a pair of socks AND a pair of mittens. Have fun! Yarn went to Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee, and New York state.

I had such a great response this time, and I am saving all the names for next time. If you did not include your mailing address in your email, your name did not go in the hat. Feel free to send that along so it's in my files for next time. A couple of people misunderstood and thought I would be sending out all that yarn, and wrote on behalf of their groups. I didn't think 3 skeins would be of much use to a large group, so those did not go in the hat either.

Please post photos of what you make - and enjoy doing it! Cold weather here, just right for knitting.

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